Future You will thank Right-Now You for planning to cap off your month with a relaxing chair massage.

On the last Monday of every month, Sara Rossio of Sarapeutic is on-site at Stacks providing discounted 10, 15, and 20 minute chair massage.

Book your time slot at sarapeutic.as.me/stacks -- see you on Monday!

About Sara

After spending fifteen years working desk jobs in the corporate world, I went to massage school and found my life’s passion in massage therapy. I love to help clients reduce their pain and their stress levels. For me, it is a great feeling when I can help someone feel better by the end of a session.

I consider myself to be a facilitator who can provide the space for healing, and a little help, support, and encouragement for your body and mind to come back into balance with itself. I also enjoy the creativity involved with doing massage. Each individual is different, so each massage is different, based on what the client needs in that moment. I really like to take classes and do research to learn additional modalities and techniques that I can use to get the best results possible for each person I work with.