Each month at Stacks members have the opportunity to take part in Stacks for Stacks (S4S) meetups: action-oriented working sessions facilitated by a fellow member with the aim of getting things done.

For December’s S4S, Stacks member Jennifer Gardella took ten fellow members through a social media content planning framework. As a matter of fact, that workshop was the catalyst for our monthly member articles.

At the top of the session, Jennifer took the group through her process of batching different forms of content including blogs and social media posts. For the rest of the session, members worked on compiling their content plans for January as Jen floated around the room and answered questions as things came up.

Having Jen’s expertise and guidance on hand, plus the group dynamic, made for a super productive session.

Following the session, Jen welcomed the opportunity to share her expertise in a Stacks blog article.

How would you describe what you do?

I get small business owners out of digital overwhelm and help them understand digital marketing, specifically SEO, Social Media and Blogging.  

What are your top tips to help business owners build a digital foundation?    

  1. Do your keyword research.  You can not effectively promote your business on the internet without this critical first step.  Understanding how your ideal clients search for your core business areas will guide the rest of your marketing efforts.  Your keyword research should include the single words of what you do as well as common phrases.  Google searches are still heavily based on questions so you need to have a list of the top 10 questions people ask when looking for you.  

  2. Write an editorial calendar.  Using your keyword research is will now be easy to write the blog articles that you need to have on your website.  Knowing what you are going to write about and when will give you direction when it is time to write.  

  3. Blog weekly.  Content still rules the internet and regularly blogging using your keywords helps build SEO.  Additionally, new blogs that highlight how you help your ideal clients are great to share on social media to drive traffic back to your website.  Regularly share on social media.  Three days a week share your content on social media - blog posts, videos, podcasts, guest blog posts...and anything else that you created.  But, you don’t want to look like an advertisement. So twice a week, share the content of others - those who do something related to what you do but are not a competitor.  

Do you have any useful tools to help manage social media and blogging?

  1. Google Drive.  I use Google Drive for all of my marketing documents.  They are easy to work, accessible on all my devices, and are always in real time.  You can work with Word documents but passing them around can create problems such as who has the most current version.  

  2. Google Toolbar has saved me more times than I can count.  Setting up a toolbar with links to your important documents, websites, will save you time and frustration when you try to find files and links you use on a regular basis.  I have a link in my toolbar to my blog post document and one to all the social media posts I am writing.  When I have an idea it is easy for me to jot it down from my phone, desktop or laptop.  

  3. Hootsuite.  Using a site like Hootsuite can help you schedule your social media posts and easily retweet.  You can also set-up your account to track mentions, messages and a variety of other engagement.  

  4. LastPass.  This is a simple and secure way to store all of your passwords.  You can also place the extension in your Google toolbar so your vault is available to you as you it. You can lock it at any time (like when you get up from your computer).  

Where can we find you?  

You can read all about me on my website:  www.jennifergardella.com.  You can also easily book a consultation if you have any questions on digital marketing.  

And I love connecting on social media!  

You can follow Jennifer Gardella at any of these sites:







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